Version history!

2017-12-20 This has gone on long enough. We, the Architects, introduced a spell checker to the duckies and cleaned up their mess. You are welcome.
2017-12-18 Teh bakground is not appreciated. Removed the sparkles.
2017-12-11 Ducki saw a funny meme about comic sans. It was good, but people doesn't like people duckies who use comic sans. So we changed it to a pretty font instead.
2017-12-06 -1 is not easy enough. Ducky wrote a hint because Ducky is a nice duck.
2017-12-05 The dancing ducks are too hypnotical. We can't focus. Ducky fix.
2017-12-50 Added home button.
2017-11-21 Removed the previous background
2017-11-155 Added duck gifs
2017-11-14 Added the logo
2017-11-14 Made the history page
2019-11-27 Made the navbar christmasy
2020-08-26 Made the site autumny
2020-10-09 Made the site christmasy again
2020-11-23 There is no Christmas and there never was. Anyone expressing such opinion will be summoned for questioning.
2020-12-24 The evil trolls were defeated, and Christmas was reinstated.
2021-07-13 Made the site autumny again.
2021-08-23 Made links obviously visible.
2021-11-14 Made the site christmasy again, again
2021-12-03 Something strange happened with the site, have we perhaps been hacked?
2021-12-06 Thanks to the valiant efforts of our brave ducklings, the website has been restored to its previous state.